Bible Schools

Bible schools give students a unique chance to learn to study God's Word in a systematic fashion in their home church without distancing themselves from their families and jobs. With the help of Biblical education focused on spiritual formation and practical ministry in the local church, students are prepared to actively participate in evangelism and edification of God's church which is the Body of Christ.

At the end of the program students receive the Church ministries certificate, and they can continue with further education in our institute or other theological schools.

Certificate Program

Basic theological education with the EAAA accredited program in a local church or at KTS, so that a spiritually mature student would be prepared for ministering at church using his or her gifts.

Online Courses

Our courses give necessary knowledge and understanding of God's Word for effective ministry in local church and outside of it. We work with Horizon International School that helps us develop courses and offers us an opportunity to use its online infrastructure for theological education. Each course is 8 weeks long. If a student takes one course at a time, one after another, he will be able to complete all six courses within a 2-year period. If he takes two courses at a time, he will complete the six courses within one year.

Training for National Trainers (TNT)

Interactive training, in partnership with “Leadership Resources”, is focused on Biblical preaching. The goal is to explore the Scriptures, followed by practice of preaching for strengthening and encouraging the church. The three-day training session occurs twice a year. The ultimate goal is to help pastors and church leaders train their church preachers to do expositional preaching.