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Certificate Program

  • Six course Bible program (2 credits each)
  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Basics of Theology
  • Spiritual Formations
  • Principles of Bible Study

2-3 years. Offered in Bible schools (local churches) and online. Each course is the equivalent of 20 hours. Bible schools typically meet on a Saturday (8 hours) and Sunday (2 hours) two different weekends when our CMI teachers travel to their church to teach a course.

Online independent courses

  • EDU0011 Online Student Orientation
  • SGS0011 Growth in Grace
  • BIB1018 Elements of Bible Study
  • BIB2308 Romans
  • BIB3318 Jesus’ Life and Ministry
  • COM1008 Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • EDU1008 Spiritual Formation
  • Educational Foundations
  • HIS2308 Introduction to Church History
  • LIT1008 Old Testament Survey
  • LIT1018 New Testament Survey
  • MIN1018 Disciple Making and Evangelism
  • MIN1118 Theology of the Family
  • THE1038 Introduction to Theology
  • THE2218 The Theology and Practice of Worship
  • TE5005 Effective Online Teaching
  • TE5015 Moodle Skills for Facilitators 1: Getting Started

All courses available in English or Russian languages. Each Certificate Program online course is eight weeks long. If a student takes one course at a time, one after another, he will be able to complete all six courses within a two-year period.

With the help of Biblical education focused on spiritual formation and practical ministry in the local church, students are prepared to actively participate in evangelism and edification of God’s church, the Body of Christ.

Upon completion of the Certificate Program, students will receive the Church Ministries Institute certificate. If students desire to further their education and receive an associate degree, their Certificate Program courses meet the requirements for the first six courses of the Associate of Theology degree (listed below).

Associate Degree (Associate of Theology) Program

Offered in our regional education centers. 18 courses including six Certificate Program courses listed above and also:

  • Basic Teaching/Preaching
  • Biblical Worldview
  • Christian Family
  • Church History
  • Critical Thinking/Writing
  • Dynamics of the Local Church
  • Hermeneutics
  • Historical Backgrounds of the Bible
  • Introduction to Missiology
  • Introduction to New Church Planting
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Theology of the Apostle Paul
  • Practicum and Research Paper

Upon completion of the Associate Degree Program, students will receive an accredited Associate of Theology degree.