Local Bible Schools

Our 15 local Bible schools are found in 3 different countries throughout Eurasia. These schools offer students a unique chance to study God’s Word within their own context. Each local Bible School is centered in churches who have sensed an urgent need to raise up a new generation of church leaders from their midst. Through sound Biblical teaching, an emphasis upon spiritual development and involvement in practical church ministry these students are being prepared to serve the Body of Christ.

Upon completion of the program students receive a “Certificate of Church Ministries”. They may pursue their education further through our Regional Training Centers.

Regional Training Centers

For students who have completed our Local Bible School program and desire to pursue further training we offer our next level of education through our five regional centers. This allows the students to continue their studies on a higher level while remaining relatively close to home.

This program usually takes 2-3 years for students to complete. When they have finished they receive a “Diploma of Church Ministries”.

Extreme Institute

Effective training is much more than finding good textbooks and giving interesting lectures. This is why we offer our students an alternative to classroom learning through our Extreme Institute. Selected classes from our second level are taught in combination with different outdoor activities such as hiking, rafting and camping.

Students who attend the Extreme Institute classes are required to meet the same academic standards of those who take the class in a regular setting. However, many students find that the experience of working, living and studying together has a significantly greater impact upon their lives than normal classroom study.

Ministry Seminars

To assist local churches in developing practical ministry skills among their members, the CMI offers a number of ministry seminars that are not for credit and open to all church members. If you are interested in hosting one of these seminars in your church or conference, please contact the CMI regional director for your region. Seminars are planned for 6-10 hours, and include such topics as evangelism and discipleship, small groups, youth ministry, camping, mentoring, and sports evangelism.

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