The Church Ministries Institute was founded in 1994; the result of a partnership formed between leaders of formerly unregistered Baptist churches in Ukraine and the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE). After years with no access to formal theological education, Ukrainian church leaders recognized the need for a systematized program to begin training pastors and church members. ABWE also recognized the opening of a training program as essential in accomplishing its goal of facilitating a burgeoning Ukrainian church planting movement.
As the number of students increased, the CMI began to spread out geographically, setting up Bible schools based in local churches. The establishment of an ABWE team in Perm, Russia allowed the CMI to realize its dream of expanding its influence beyond Ukraine and into other regions of Eurasia. Today, the CMI’s graduates are planting new churches, strengthening existing churches, developing new ministries, and proclaiming Christ to people who have never heard a clear Gospel presentation.

1994 -Kremunchug, Ukraine: Pastors gather to found the CMI

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