Good Soil

What is Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship (E&D)?

Good Soil helps ensure that the people to whom we minister…

Understand, embrace, and adhere to the Gospel

How can we clearly communicate the gospel?



The Story of Hope uses 40 key Bible events to summarize this story, 20 from the Old Testament and 20 from the New Testament. The book is formatted in such a way that the gospel message can be shared as a story in a few minutes, or taught in lesson form over several hours.

How can an unbeliever genuinely embrace the gospel?


The Chronological Bridge to Life (ChronoBridge)reviews eight important truths that emerge out of the Bible’s story of hope—God, man, sin, death, Christ, cross, faith, and life. We call this the ChronoBridgebecause the eight concepts are presented in the chronological order in which they emerge out of the story.

How can a new believer firmly hold on to the gospel?


The Way to Joy is a basic follow-up study designed to lead a new believer through ten important lessons, covering an overview of God’s redemptive plan, theChronoBridge to Life, security and assurance, the Bible, prayer, the Holy Spirit, personal holiness, witnessing, the local church, and God’s plan for the believer’s life. Each booklet includes a set of Bible memory verse cards and a chapter-per-day Bible reading plan.

Help support Good Soil in Ukraine


Here’s what’s been happening in recently with Good Soil in Ukraine:



On November 26 and 27 special guest, Gil Thomas, join us for 2 days of training in Odessa, Ukraine.

On the first day we covered our regular “Good Soil” seminar.  The second day we focused on teaching methods and trained 8 people to lead the Good Soil seminars in local churches. (read more…)

Хорошая погода даже в Октябре! Great weather even in October!

This past Sunday we held our first ever “Open House” at the CMI’s training center in Odessa, Ukraine. We opened our doors to to everyone, not just students and church members.
Our goal was to start a chronological Bible study for unbelievers using the “Story of Hope”. Several neighbors came by and expressed interest in studying with us. Please pray for us as we begin the Bible study this Thursday. (read more…)

This month we welcome Misha Nunyayev who is our new coordinator for Good Soil evangelism and discipleship ministries in Ukraine.

Misha’s main area of responsibility will include organizing training seminars in local churches and overseeing distribution of Good Soil tools like “The Story of Hope” and “The Way to Joy”. Your prayers are appreciated!


Vladimir Nickolaev speaking about effectively communicating the gospel.

Tiraspol is the capital of a very small unrecognized country called Transistria, which is sandwiched between Moldova and Ukraine.  It is a Russian speaking country so that makes it easy for us to introduce them to the Good Soil evangelism and discipleship material which we now have in Russian. (read more…)


February 18th CMI vice president, Caleb Suko and Director of CMI Moldova, Eduard Edu led an evangelism and discipleship seminar at Spring of Life church for about 30 participants. The material presented was in Russian, however, the entire seminar was also simultaneously translated into Romanian. There is also a great need for these tools in the Romanian language.
On Sunday night, they were also able to present these new evangelism and discipleship tools to about 100 people. Please pray that God would use “The Story of Hope” and “The Way to Joy” to spread the Gospel and strengthen churches in Moldova.

Eduard oversees 3 CMI schools in Moldova and is in need of your support. You can give directly towards Eduard’s support needs through ABWE or Contact us for more information.

Below are a few pictures from the seminar. This was our first seminar in Moldova but hopefully it won’t be the last. The interest was high as currently these are the only tools of their kind in Moldova. Those who attended were especially impressed with how both books were designed to be used by individuals in a one on one setting rather than only being taught in a large groups.

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