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CMI Students Help Plant a Church in Russia

Theory without practice doesn’t do anyone good, that’s why it’s important to get out of the classroom and apply our knowledge to real life situations.

This is exactly what a group of our CMI students did last month as they crossed the border from Ukraine into Russia to help plant a church in a different country and a different culture.

CMI missions team

Our team next to the sign before entering the town of Vereshagino

Transformation church near the city of Perm invited our students to come and help them do outreach in the town of Vereshagino, which is located about 100 miles outside of Perm, Russia.

Our CMI team met up in Kharkov and then crossed the Russian border by car. Everyone was thankful for God’s protection as we traveled over 30 hours one way covering more than 2,200 km!

It's 11pm and we finally made it!

It’s 11pm and we finally made it!

We were all glad when we finally rolled into the church around 11pm on Saturday evening. Our Russian brothers in Christ greeted us with some delicious Russian pelmeni!   We knew that the next week would be full of ministry and new experiences as we anticipated what God was about to do.

Пермь 2

Our students ministered in two churches on the outskirts of Perm on Sunday morning, then Sunday evening we drove 100 miles out to the town of Vereshagino. We set up camp near a small lake about 15 mins from town.

Пермь 3

Each morning for two hours we went through part of the Good Soil seminar which focuses on training believers to better communicate the Gospel to unbelievers.  In the afternoons we headed in to town where we put to practice what we had learned that morning by talking with the locals and sharing Christ’s love with them.

We also conducted games for the kids.

Transformation Church from Perm led games in the park for kids with a Bible story afterwards. Russia law does not allow for religious teaching of children 14 and under without the written permission of their parents. Thus we had to turn away the younger children who didn’t have their parents with them.

We decided to volunteer and do some work in the park

We wanted to do something to show the town God’s love for them, so in addition to personally talking with many people and sharing the gospel our students got busy and helped clean up the local park. This proved to be a great way to strengthen our testimony and gain the respect of the people.

Please pray for the town of Vereshagino! We just received word from one of the pastors of the church in Perm. He said they are traveling weekly to Vereshagino where they now have 13 new contacts as a result of the work our students did last month.

Pray also for our students who were on this trip. Several of them are thinking about missions. Pray that God would raise up a few missionaries from young men and women in Ukraine who can serve in places like Vereshagino!

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A few CMI students in Romania

CMI in Romania

Did you know that there is a Church Ministries Institute is Romania? On March 17, CMI (Eurasia) president John Taylor facilitated the “Philosophy of Education” course with very engaged students in Tulcea, Romania. Just one of the ways we are partnering with our sister school in Romania, led by Mike Rummey.

A few CMI students in Romania


John Taylor teaching a CMI course in Romania


Good Soil in Chisinau

February 18th CMI vice president, Caleb Suko and Director of CMI Moldova, Eduard Edu led an evangelism and discipleship seminar at Spring of Life church for about 30 participants. The material presented was in Russian, however, the entire seminar was also simultaneously translated into Romanian. There is also a great need for these tools in the Romanian language.
On Sunday night, they were also able to present these new evangelism and discipleship tools to about 100 people. Please pray that God would use “The Story of Hope” and “The Way to Joy” to spread the Gospel and strengthen churches in Moldova.

Eduard oversees 3 CMI schools in Moldova and is in need of your support. You can give directly towards Eduard’s support needs through ABWE or Contact us for more information.

Below are a few pictures from the seminar. This was our first seminar in Moldova but hopefully it won’t be the last. The interest was high as currently these are the only tools of their kind in Moldova. Those who attended were especially impressed with how both books were designed to be used by individuals in a one on one setting rather than only being taught in a large groups.

A few locals on the Dnister river

Mission Moldova

This past summer 8 Ukrainians, 8 Moldovians and 4 Romanians gathered on the bank of the Dnister river with one common goal -to share the Good News of forgiveness through Jesus Christ in the village of Chimichen.

Our student missions team came alongside this a new church plant in the village helping them with evangelism and encouraging them in their faith.

With the hot summer days many people spend time outside so this made it easy to meet people and talk with them about the Lord. Since only about 50% or fewer understand Russian each team that went out to share the gospel had at least one or two Romanian speakers with them.

The small group of believers was very encouraged by the work the students accomplished in their village and as a result the local believers felt more confident to share the Gospel themselves.

Pray for the new church plant in the village of Chimichen.
Pray also that God would raise up future missionaries from the students who participated
Support the CMI’s efforts in raising up Ukrainian missionaries through