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In a Time of Chaos Students Learn to Make Order in Ukraine

Things are Chaotic in Ukraine. The war in Eastern Ukraine has destroyed much of the infastructure as well as many lives! In other parts of the country people are worried and wondering if there will ever be peace.

The new government in Kyiv is already not trusted by many Ukrainians and the economy is on verge of collapse with a currency that continues to drop in value.

Extreme Institute 14

Participants in Extreme Institute 14

“What is the church to do in these chaotic times?”

This was the question we asked our students during this summers’ Extreme Instistitute!

Training and Practice Together


Studying the letter to Titus

The purpose of the Extreme Institute is to provide training for our students in a non-formal way that combines Biblical teaching with practical application. We like to focus on helping our students learn valuable skills in evangelism, missions and church leadership.  While we have often taken our students outside of the country, we thought that with all the tragic events in Ukraine in the past ten months that it would be appropriate to stay with-in the country.


Pulling up tents to move to the next village

Mikhael Suprun (pastor and CMI director of developement) organized a five day teaching/ministry expedition for our students in the Central Ukraine region of Cherkassy. Students met up in the city of Uman, where they were able to visit historic Sofia Park and also to fellowship with a group of Korean missionaries who work in Ukrianian schools.

From Chaos to Order

From Uman they traveld about 20 miles North to the town of Mankivka, where they set up tents in the church yard and spent two nights there. Every morning and evening the students intensely studied the book of Titus. The main theme of the book is found in Titus 1:5 where Paul tells Timothy:

“I left you in Crete so that you might put what remained in order.”

This topic was very appropriate given all that is going on in Ukraine! The students dug in deep with many questions and some great conversations. We disscussed everything from why it’s important to have order in the church to the vital significance of keeping the gospel truth at the core of everything the church does.

From Learning in a Classroom to Living it in Real Life!


Anatoliy sharing the gospel outside a wedding

We planned for several opportunities for our students to practice what they were learning in real life. In the town of Manikova they were able to spend time walking the streets and sharing the gospel. One group of students spent over an hour talking with several members of Ukraine’s Self Defense force. They clearly shared the gospel message with them and left with with Ukrainian New Testaments. Another group came across a wedding party and shared the gospel with them!


Bogdan preaching in the village of Kishintsi

The final three days of Extreme Institute were spent in the village of Kishintsi. Here students studied God’s Word together with local believers. Then on Sunday morning they conducted the worship service, including three sermons, special music and testimonies. The local church members received great encouragement and gladly invited them back any time!

Commited to Serve the Church

One of the most important results from a project like this is the individual commitment of each student to serve faithfully in his own church. As we wrapped up our 5 day teaching and training adventure you could sense that the students had been changed by the teaching and the experience. They were each going back to their local churches better prepared and more motivated than ever to teach, serve, and preach the Gospel!

Regional Director in Central Ukraine

We want to introduce you to one of our regional directors. Mikhael Suprun oversees several CMI schools in Central Ukraine.  Please pray for Mikhael and the our schools in Boguslav, Lisenka and Stavishye!

(You can see the subtitles by clicking the “cc” button on the bottom of the player)

“My name is Mikhael Suprun and I serve as a pastor in the Cherkassy region, I also am one of the regional directors for the Church Ministries Institute in Cherkassy and Kiev regions.

Currently we have 3 schools and we are planning on a 4th school. They are in the towns of Lisenka, Boguslav and Stavishye and we are planning to open another school in the Kiev area.

The unique thing about our school in Lisenka is that most of the students are 50 or older, they are mature teachers and church members. In Boguslav we mainly have youth 20-25 years old. It’s young church. In Stavishye the school is made up of ministers, preachers, small group leaders and pastors.

In Lisenka and Boguslav we have 16 students each and in Stavishye there are 12 students.

We have a vision to revive older churches that are 100, 120, 150 years old so that they can once again serve God and bring people to Christ and also plant new churches in our region.”

You could help Mikhael minister to churches in central Ukraine. Currently he needs $100 of monthly committed support.

Learn how you can help.

euro 2012

Euro 2012 Update

A big thank you to all who were praying for the Euro 2012 outreach! Thousands of soccer fans flocked to Ukraine from all over Europe for to watch their teams play in the Euro 2012 soccer championships. With the approval of the local government in the city of Kharkiv our students conducted a week long outreach in the middle of a yard surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings. During the day they organized games and activities that brought out the children and their parents.

It was the perfect inviorment Continue reading

A few CMI students in Romania

CMI in Romania

Did you know that there is a Church Ministries Institute is Romania? On March 17, CMI (Eurasia) president John Taylor facilitated the “Philosophy of Education” course with very engaged students in Tulcea, Romania. Just one of the ways we are partnering with our sister school in Romania, led by Mike Rummey.

A few CMI students in Romania


John Taylor teaching a CMI course in Romania