1The Church Ministry Institute students have finished another regular session. During this week’s session, the students had the opportunity to study hermeneutics and homiletics. The main goal of the CMI is to prepare workers for the edification and development of the local church, and the program focuses heavily on practical application. At the end of the session, the students have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired for the edification and growth of their churches. Our school is very happy to help local communities in their ministries to the Lord Jesus Christ by helping to cultivate trained and dedicated ministers.

In our Institute we prepare ministers who are willing to dedicate their lives to the service of God and the Church of Jesus Christ.

Some of our students shared their impressions of the session.

Богдан Землянский“For me, study at the Church ministry institute is a great blessing.  During the “Church Ministry” program I was taught to read books, and books help to form thoughts. During the Hermeneutics course, we were taught how to correctly interpret the Scriptures, how to pay attention to the context of the passage and the genre of the book. There is no pointless information in the Bible, it contains very deep and practical truths. Bogdan Zemlyanskiy

Александр Беленький“For me personally, the course of preaching was very practical. We learned how to preach, how to properly identify the main idea from the Bible passage, how to preach the message of the author of the text to the listener. I have received a good foundation that will help me to better prepare and preach a sermon. “Alexandr Belenkiy

Some comments from the CMI Dean of Students who taught Hermeneutics and Homiletics:

Богдан Тимчишин“Education is important for two reasons. First, because we are Christians, we are disciples of Jesus Christ and our duty as disciples is to follow Him and learn from Him. Second, learning is part of the great commission of Jesus Christ. We must go around the world and develop disciples for Jesus Christ, we must expand the Kingdom of God. Only highly trained and spiritually mature brothers and sisters can fully fulfill the mission of our Savior”  Bogdan Tymchyshyn

The vision of the CMI is not learning for the sake of knowledge, but rather acquisition of knowledge in order to effectively serve God and the church of Jesus Christ.

The uniqueness of the Church Ministry Institute is that we welcome those who wish to receive a quality biblical education. We provide on-site training (Bible schools located in local churches), online-training, as well as training in the central office of KTS (Kyiv Theological Seminary). Therefore, we are happy to invite you to study with us at CMI.

If you have a question about organizing a Bible school in your Church, online education or interested in studying at the main CMI office, please contact us:


www.bogoslovie.net  www.cmieurasia.org

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