ТНТ 8-10.11.17.

Return in to expository preaching

IMG_20171111_094319_1Relational training, immersion in the Biblical text, immediate application of the training, and development of skills for the multiplication of effective ministry are just a few phrases that describe the TNT training (Training National Trainers) the Church Ministries Institute had the opportunity to host from the 9th to the 11th of November.  Eighteen people gathered for a two-and-a-half-day workshop where we were immersed in the study and exposition of the first 12 chapters of Genesis.

IMG_20171110_083739Pastors and local church leaders arrived in the town of Voronkov, near Kyiv, on Thursday November 9th to continue their expositional preaching training.  These men have committed to a series of trainings where each session focuses on the exposition of a different book of the Bible.  The training is not just an opportunity to study through a book but a platform to equip and inspire local pastors to embrace and practice expositional study and preaching principles in their ministries.  During the training, there is a time of demonstration, exhortation, explanation, and presentation.  Each participant in the training is given an opportunity to practice the principles being taught in a small group setting as well as practice what they are learning by delivering a brief sermon to the group, which they prepare before and during the training, using the main principles of the training.  This is a great tool that helps local pastors demonstrate their level of understanding and encourage the immediate and long-term application of the Bible study and preaching principles.

IMG_20171111_094226The Church Ministries Institute has committed a minimum of four years to the development of an expository preaching training ministry focused specifically on local church pastors and leaders who have the desire to more effectively minister to their flocks by more intentionally expounding and explaining the Scriptures in their local churches.  For many years many have practiced a more topically focused style of study and preaching, choosing a theme and then searching the Scriptures for texts which support those themes.  Our hope is that our commitment to expositional preaching will encourage and inspire local church pastors to first look to the Scriptures and allow theme of the sermon to flow directly from the text through the sermon into the hearts and lives of those listening, resulting in life change for God’s glory.  One of our goals is to encourage local church growth.  One way we can do this is by helping the local churches in Ukraine to minister as effectively as possible by encouraging them with quality training and ministry tools for God’s glory and for the building up of His church.

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