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Church Ministries institute, understanding its mission – helping local churches, initialize seminars on the development and effectiveness of various areas in the ministry.

On the 23rd of September, our institute facilitated an interactive seminar to aid in the development of ministry teams interested in the organization and planting of new churches.

viber image4The seminar was held in the central Kiev church “House of the Gospel”.  The attendees of the seminar are actively involved in the planting of new local churches.  During the seminar, a discussion was held about the necessity of planting new churches, about who can do this work, and what principles should be followed to promote the effective organization of new churches.  As always, the discuss began with Scripture and each principle and concept was drawn out of the text.  Those who attended were challenged to base their strategies, opinions, and preferences on God’s Word.

The invited speakers of the seminar were brothers who have practical experience in organizing new churches in Ukraine and Central Asia.

The brothers shared their experiences in a new church planting and spoke about the importance and uniqueness of the local church today.

viber image3One of the important themes discussed in the seminar was the concept of evangelism through discipleship as well as the establishing of new local churches through discipleship.  A main idea concerning this method of sharing the gospel is that believers should be open to the needs of non-believers and participate in their lives, so that through the development of truly genuine relationships, a positive impact will be had in the lives of people in the community, leading to a change in their lives and their embracing of the Gospel.

We thank God that the seminar was a great blessing for all participants!

Church ministries institute to help local churches offers quality and practical seminars (based on local churches):

  • Seminars for deacons
  • Seminar on Sunday school ministry
  • Seminars dedicated to the family and marriage
  • Seminars on the preparation of the exposition preaching
  • Seminars on evangelism “Good soil”.

For the organization of the seminar you are interested in, please contact us:

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