Stay on the Line of Scripture 2

IMG_6557A seminar workshop was organized by the Church Ministry Institute, Kiev Theological Seminary and the international mission “Leadership Resources”. It was second workshop of six that are scheduled over the next three years in the Kiev region.
Pastors of churches from different cities and villages in central Ukraine were able to attend this seminar to update their knowledge deeper into the study of the biblical text (2 Timothy) and to take a fresh look at already familiar texts.
“It is really a breath of fresh air for us to be at this seminar, and I planned a number of sermons based on book of 2 Timothy” – Pastor of Messianic Church, Viktor Mural-Sikorskiy.
IMG_6555Much of the workshop time was devoted to working on the text. The trainers encouraged all the pastors to stay keep on line with the Scripture, not deviating from it in any direction.
The pastors also got acquainted with the methods and principles of working with the Scriptural text and the practical application of concepts such as genre, structure, theology, and so on. The next seminar is going to be in November 2017, when we will work with book of Genesis.

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