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Teachers of the Church Ministries Institute, who have received high-quality spiritual and academic education inside the walls of Kiev Theological Seminary, have decided to briefly share their impression of how education has affected their life and ministry.


Bogdan Tymchyshin, Pastor of the church in Lebedin

For me, as a Christian and a pastor of the church, it is important to, “… Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” (2 Tim. 2:15), and for this I was blessed by studying at Kiev Theological Seminary. My teachers taught me systematic theology and how to conduct a deep analysis of Bible texts, with the purpose of effectively delivering God’s Word to His people.

Many teachers, such as Andy Rist, David Benzel, Eduard Borisov, with their love and personal example, have exerted a profound influence on me and taught me to better appreciate God’s calling on my life. Vasya Ostriy taught us to plan our ministry, so as not to work at random. Wayne Vandervier and Jerry Benge, showed us Biblical tools for nurturing and counseling God’s people. For me, my time spent at the seminary fellowshipping with brothers and sisters is simply the grace of the Lord, bestowed by Him for my spiritual formation.


Sergey Tarasenko, New church planter in Ivanovskoe, Donetsk region.

I am really thankful to God that He, through the seminary, showed me how He loves me and takes care of my spiritual growth. Through study in the seminary I understand that I need to be humble with Word of God, the Bible, and that a right understanding of the Bible will have a significant influence on my ministry to the church God has entrusted to me. In relation to my family, in the course Spiritual Formation, God showed me that I also have to be humble with the people I love.


Alexandr Khandus, The new church planter, Kiev

When I was 18, I was accepted to study at Kiev Theological Seminary, where I received immense help in my practical ministry and in my professional work. Thanks to high-quality teaching skills, my teachers helped me to fall in love to the book, knowledge and the Bible. The atmosphere at the seminary is filled with acceptance and love from all the employees and administration. Mark McDonnell, director of the Bible Study program, showed special care and attention to the minds of students. He taught the students with great enthusiasm and wonder. In my case, the words written by Johann Goethe are quite appropriate: “You only learn from those you love.” My decision to study at the seminary is exactly because of my love for the Bible.


Mikhael Suprun, New church planter, Kiev

I studied at KTS from 2004 to 2008. For me it was a wonderful journey, opening up new facets of the knowledge of our Lord. Having little practical experience of ministry in the church, I studied theological subjects, the knowledge of which allowed me to look at many church issues from other perspectives.

I especially want to mention the course Church History – it’s not just information, but the whole experience for 2000 years of church life, both positive and problematic. The teacher of this course, Professor Andy Rist, made it simply unforgettable. Sometimes the impression was created that numerous historical characters came out from the pages of the textbooks and spent their free time with Brother Andy, because he talked so enthusiastically about them.

I would like to mention the courses on theology taught by Dr. Mark Sousy. Our training was always supported by practical examples. In the final exams, one of the questions was always about a practical situation which we had to answer using the knowledge of theology we just learned.

Very profound and practical was the course on the life of the church, taught by Dr. Rick Perhai. For me, this course became a kind of quintessence of all my study at the seminary, and demonstrated once again value of the Church as a special and effective tool in the life of a Christian.

Indeed, it was time for a close relationship with God, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to study at Kiev Theological Seminary!


Vitaliy Fomin, Pastor of a church, Kiev

Absolutely everything in this world influences us and shapes our worldview. The only question is, what will be the effect?

The time spent in the seminary classes did not pass without leaving its imprint on me. I am grateful to God for KTS: for the teaching which positively influenced the formation of my worldview, corrected my personal theology, allowed me to crystallize my convictions, and touched upon my deep motives reflected in the practice of life and ministry. The process of influence provided by the training at KTS, did not end, it continues. A worthy academic level in harmony with the emphasis on the practice of ministry is the strength of the seminary. To all who love the Lord, who love His Word, and who love His Church, I recommend training at KTS! May the Lord bless you and may He be glorified through you and your ministry in His Church.


Vladimir Nikolaev, Pastor of a church, Kiev

After graduating from the Bachelor’s program in the CMI, for about ten years, I dreamed about continuing my studies. But full-time employment in church ministry and in the administration of the institute did not allow me to fulfill my dream. Before me there were several educational institutions in which it was possible to study in a master’s program. But God led me in a special way to Kiev Theological Seminary. Mike Gustafson, the chaplain of the seminary, recommended that I enter the youth ministry program. My ministry was connected with students, and my children were also of youth group age, so this program was acceptable for me.

All teachers of KTS have influenced me differently. Vasily Ostriy, director of the Youth Ministry program, created the right atmosphere for my studies. It is nice to learn when there is encouragement and wise supervision.

Dr. Richard Perhai helped me to understand the author’s intention in the Biblical text. I still remember how together we analyzed the books on Hermeneutics by Vanhuzer and Osborn. After an in-depth study of Hermeneutics, the Holy Scripture captivated my mind. Professor Sam Hyus helped me see the connection between theology and modern culture. For many Christians it is difficult to apply the ancient text in the 21st century, but Professor Hyus taught me to contextualize Biblical principles for modern society.

The main symbols of the seminary, the Bible and the coffee mug, symbolize a deep study of the Word of God and a friendly atmosphere. We invite all those who wish to prepare for an effective Christian ministry, and to learn more about the Bible and theology, to come study at Kiev Theological Seminary.

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