Regional Director in Central Ukraine

We want to introduce you to one of our regional directors. Mikhael Suprun oversees several CMI schools in Central Ukraine.  Please pray for Mikhael and the our schools in Boguslav, Lisenka and Stavishye!

(You can see the subtitles by clicking the “cc” button on the bottom of the player)

“My name is Mikhael Suprun and I serve as a pastor in the Cherkassy region, I also am one of the regional directors for the Church Ministries Institute in Cherkassy and Kiev regions.

Currently we have 3 schools and we are planning on a 4th school. They are in the towns of Lisenka, Boguslav and Stavishye and we are planning to open another school in the Kiev area.

The unique thing about our school in Lisenka is that most of the students are 50 or older, they are mature teachers and church members. In Boguslav we mainly have youth 20-25 years old. It’s young church. In Stavishye the school is made up of ministers, preachers, small group leaders and pastors.

In Lisenka and Boguslav we have 16 students each and in Stavishye there are 12 students.

We have a vision to revive older churches that are 100, 120, 150 years old so that they can once again serve God and bring people to Christ and also plant new churches in our region.”

You could help Mikhael minister to churches in central Ukraine. Currently he needs $100 of monthly committed support.

Learn how you can help.

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