euro 2012

Euro 2012 Update

A big thank you to all who were praying for the Euro 2012 outreach! Thousands of soccer fans flocked to Ukraine from all over Europe for to watch their teams play in the Euro 2012 soccer championships. With the approval of the local government in the city of Kharkiv our students conducted a week long outreach in the middle of a yard surrounded by high-rise apartment buildings. During the day they organized games and activities that brought out the children and their parents.

It was the perfect inviorment for our students to interact with people and share with them the love of Jesus. In the evenings they set up a large-screen TV where people came to watch the soccer games without alcohol in a safe atmosphere. This was all done with through a local church in Kharkiv where we have a very active local bible school.

We want to thank you for praying and helping support this outreach. It provided our students with a very practical way to use the theory that they learned in the classroom.  More importantly is opened the doors to share the good news with those who hadn’t heard it before!

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