Euro 2012 and Evangelism

This summer the Euro 2012 soccer championships will be taking place in Ukraine and Poland.  There will be visitors from all over Europe coming to watch the soccer matches and that is why we have decided to seize this unique opportunity.

A group of CMI students will be meeting in Kharkiv, Ukraine June 9-18th where they will be sharing the gospel with those who have come to watch the soccer matches.  In the evenings the students will also be participating in our “Good Soil” evangelism and discipleship seminar. That means they will be both learning how to share the gospel and practicing what they have learned at the same time!

We want to make sure this opportunity goes to those who are serious about evangelism thus we have asked students to pay their own transportation costs and 50% of the housing and meal costs.

There are two ways you can help us:

1. Come to Kharkiv this June and join our outreach team. There will be visitors from Western Europe who speak English so we could use a few more English speakers.

2. Help sponsor one or more students.  It only costs us $50 per student and we are expecting around 20.


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