A few locals on the Dnister river

Mission Moldova

This past summer 8 Ukrainians, 8 Moldovians and 4 Romanians gathered on the bank of the Dnister river with one common goal -to share the Good News of forgiveness through Jesus Christ in the village of Chimichen.

Our student missions team came alongside this a new church plant in the village helping them with evangelism and encouraging them in their faith.

With the hot summer days many people spend time outside so this made it easy to meet people and talk with them about the Lord. Since only about 50% or fewer understand Russian each team that went out to share the gospel had at least one or two Romanian speakers with them.

The small group of believers was very encouraged by the work the students accomplished in their village and as a result the local believers felt more confident to share the Gospel themselves.

Pray for the new church plant in the village of Chimichen.
Pray also that God would raise up future missionaries from the students who participated
Support the CMI’s efforts in raising up Ukrainian missionaries through



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