U-can do it!

Join us in helping Ukrainians plant churches, preach Christ and send missionaries out through “U-can do it!”

The “U” represents Ukraine and “can do it” reflects the fact that God can and is using Ukrainians to build His church! The CMI is focusing its efforts on three aspects to aid this church planting movement:

Ukraine can reach the lost: Despite a growing number of cults and a rising emphasis on materials the CMI has stepped forward with two completely new tools to help Ukrainian believers reach the lost and disciple new believers. Not only is the CMI offering these tools to churches but it is also training church members how to effectively use these tools through evangelism and discipleship seminars.

Ukraine can train church leaders: Without leadership the church can not go far. Unfortunately, many churches lack solid biblical leadership leading to slowed growth. The CMI is actively strengthening existing leaders and helping churches raise up new leaders through its network of local church centered bible schools. Each bible school offers students a unique opportunity to obtain theological education within the walls of their own church.

Ukraine can cross borders: Country borders should not stop the multiplication of the local church. This is why the CMI is reaching beyond the borders of Ukraine to countries like Moldova and Russia where the need for the gospel and church planting is even greater. The CMI also offers students both theological and practical training in missions.

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