1The Church Ministry Institute students have finished another regular session. During this week’s session, the students had the opportunity to study hermeneutics and homiletics. The main goal of the CMI is to prepare workers for the edification and development of the local church, and the program focuses heavily on practical application. At the end of the session, the students have the opportunity to use the knowledge and skills they have acquired for the edification and growth of their churches. Our school is very happy to help local communities in their ministries to the Lord Jesus Christ by helping to cultivate trained and dedicated ministers.

In our Institute we prepare ministers who are willing to dedicate their lives to the service of God and the Church of Jesus Christ.

Some of our students shared their impressions of the session.

Богдан Землянский“For me, study at the Church ministry institute is a great blessing.  During the “Church Ministry” program I was taught to read books, and books help to form thoughts. During the Hermeneutics course, we were taught how to correctly interpret the Scriptures, how to pay attention to the context of the passage and the genre of the book. There is no pointless information in the Bible, it contains very deep and practical truths. Bogdan Zemlyanskiy

Александр Беленький“For me personally, the course of preaching was very practical. We learned how to preach, how to properly identify the main idea from the Bible passage, how to preach the message of the author of the text to the listener. I have received a good foundation that will help me to better prepare and preach a sermon. “Alexandr Belenkiy

Some comments from the CMI Dean of Students who taught Hermeneutics and Homiletics:

Богдан Тимчишин“Education is important for two reasons. First, because we are Christians, we are disciples of Jesus Christ and our duty as disciples is to follow Him and learn from Him. Second, learning is part of the great commission of Jesus Christ. We must go around the world and develop disciples for Jesus Christ, we must expand the Kingdom of God. Only highly trained and spiritually mature brothers and sisters can fully fulfill the mission of our Savior”  Bogdan Tymchyshyn

The vision of the CMI is not learning for the sake of knowledge, but rather acquisition of knowledge in order to effectively serve God and the church of Jesus Christ.

The uniqueness of the Church Ministry Institute is that we welcome those who wish to receive a quality biblical education. We provide on-site training (Bible schools located in local churches), online-training, as well as training in the central office of KTS (Kyiv Theological Seminary). Therefore, we are happy to invite you to study with us at CMI.

If you have a question about organizing a Bible school in your Church, online education or interested in studying at the main CMI office, please contact us:


www.bogoslovie.net  www.cmieurasia.org

ТНТ 8-10.11.17.

Return in to expository preaching

IMG_20171111_094319_1Relational training, immersion in the Biblical text, immediate application of the training, and development of skills for the multiplication of effective ministry are just a few phrases that describe the TNT training (Training National Trainers) the Church Ministries Institute had the opportunity to host from the 9th to the 11th of November.  Eighteen people gathered for a two-and-a-half-day workshop where we were immersed in the study and exposition of the first 12 chapters of Genesis.

IMG_20171110_083739Pastors and local church leaders arrived in the town of Voronkov, near Kyiv, on Thursday November 9th to continue their expositional preaching training.  These men have committed to a series of trainings where each session focuses on the exposition of a different book of the Bible.  The training is not just an opportunity to study through a book but a platform to equip and inspire local pastors to embrace and practice expositional study and preaching principles in their ministries.  During the training, there is a time of demonstration, exhortation, explanation, and presentation.  Each participant in the training is given an opportunity to practice the principles being taught in a small group setting as well as practice what they are learning by delivering a brief sermon to the group, which they prepare before and during the training, using the main principles of the training.  This is a great tool that helps local pastors demonstrate their level of understanding and encourage the immediate and long-term application of the Bible study and preaching principles.

IMG_20171111_094226The Church Ministries Institute has committed a minimum of four years to the development of an expository preaching training ministry focused specifically on local church pastors and leaders who have the desire to more effectively minister to their flocks by more intentionally expounding and explaining the Scriptures in their local churches.  For many years many have practiced a more topically focused style of study and preaching, choosing a theme and then searching the Scriptures for texts which support those themes.  Our hope is that our commitment to expositional preaching will encourage and inspire local church pastors to first look to the Scriptures and allow theme of the sermon to flow directly from the text through the sermon into the hearts and lives of those listening, resulting in life change for God’s glory.  One of our goals is to encourage local church growth.  One way we can do this is by helping the local churches in Ukraine to minister as effectively as possible by encouraging them with quality training and ministry tools for God’s glory and for the building up of His church.

viber image4


Church Ministries institute, understanding its mission – helping local churches, initialize seminars on the development and effectiveness of various areas in the ministry.

On the 23rd of September, our institute facilitated an interactive seminar to aid in the development of ministry teams interested in the organization and planting of new churches.

viber image4The seminar was held in the central Kiev church “House of the Gospel”.  The attendees of the seminar are actively involved in the planting of new local churches.  During the seminar, a discussion was held about the necessity of planting new churches, about who can do this work, and what principles should be followed to promote the effective organization of new churches.  As always, the discuss began with Scripture and each principle and concept was drawn out of the text.  Those who attended were challenged to base their strategies, opinions, and preferences on God’s Word.

The invited speakers of the seminar were brothers who have practical experience in organizing new churches in Ukraine and Central Asia.

The brothers shared their experiences in a new church planting and spoke about the importance and uniqueness of the local church today.

viber image3One of the important themes discussed in the seminar was the concept of evangelism through discipleship as well as the establishing of new local churches through discipleship.  A main idea concerning this method of sharing the gospel is that believers should be open to the needs of non-believers and participate in their lives, so that through the development of truly genuine relationships, a positive impact will be had in the lives of people in the community, leading to a change in their lives and their embracing of the Gospel.

We thank God that the seminar was a great blessing for all participants!

Church ministries institute to help local churches offers quality and practical seminars (based on local churches):

  • Seminars for deacons
  • Seminar on Sunday school ministry
  • Seminars dedicated to the family and marriage
  • Seminars on the preparation of the exposition preaching
  • Seminars on evangelism “Good soil”.

For the organization of the seminar you are interested in, please contact us:



Ministry of Fastiv Church

0-02-05-8bf16e7580ae50a83299ba2d1199f58f4290cfe88a31ce945d30889b0a957389_fullOn July 12, 2017, a festive service was held at the local church in Fastiv. After two years of studying in the Church Ministry Institute (CMI), 5 brothers received their certificates of successful completion of the program. It should be noted that all of them all of them are actively involved in the preaching ministry of the church as well as the rehabilitation center ministry.

Brothers, who are administrators from the CMI in Kiev – the coordinator of the online program Alexander Khandus and teacher Stephen Poindexter, came to deliver the certificates. The guests were very warmly received by the believers in Fastiv.

0-02-05-57c1c4ee2f39e65c9e222d7826e5a7d01f889250ffed0f00f71cfd8c530f3bb3_fullBrother Alexander addressed the graduates and the whole church with kind words of inspiration, encouraging them to work hard for the Lord and to not stop in their quest for the knowledge of their God and Savior Jesus Christ. Then came the time of awarding the institute graduates with their certificates and gifts.  The pastor of the church was also presented with a book, as a token of gratitude for facilitating the educational process.

At the conclusion of the service, Brother Stephen shared the word of God with the church, from the Epistle to Titus 2:10, urging every believer to “… highlight the beauty of the gospel in all areas of their lives ”

After the meeting, the brothers and sisters of the church expressed their gratitude to brothers Alexander and Stephen for their participation in the ministry, asking for an opportunity to study at the Institute.

0-02-05-2a70ab7d03837967e8c56e9e2b3ce59db9271d48038131f4f18b1998086d3de5_fullWe are thankful to God for the continued freedom of religion that we enjoy in Ukraine, for all those who are interested in the opportunity to participate in an in depth study of the truths of God’s word, and for the ministry of the Church Ministries Institute.  May God bless our brother-graduates and the entire church of Fastiv for their dedication and diligence in labor for the glory of the name of Jesus Christ!

Dear readers, brothers and sisters, there are “open doors” for studying. If you want to know the Word of God and effectively prepare for ministry in God’s harvest field, the Church Ministry Institute is happy to serve you in this endeavor.

Contact us, we will gladly answer all your questions.

To organize study centers for the CMI in local churches contact us at volodya@cmieurasia.org


A Dream Come True

IMG_20170611_121736Every person has a dream in life. Some dream of making an around-the-world trip, some dream of going on a cruise, and others dream about good health. People are different, and everyone has different dreams and become happy when they are realized.

The dream of the pastor of the Kanev church, Nikolay Petrovich Panchenko, finally came true – the organization of the educational process for all interested brothers and sisters in his local church.

P_20170611_111908Thanks to the Lord, in 2015, on the premises of the local church in the city of Kanev, a Bible school was organized using the program of the Church Ministries Institute. On June 11, 2017, the logical outcome of the efforts and diligence of the students was realized. The two-year training program was completed with a solemn and festive graduation.

Fourteen students, in classical robes and traditional academic headdresses, received diplomas for the successful completion of the program “Certificate of Church Ministry”.

P_20170611_115152Presenting the certificates to the students were Director of the Institute Vladimir Nikolaev, Coordinator of the Online Program Oleksandr Khandus, and a member of the Board of Trustees, Yuri Moroz, presented the certificates to the students.

For faithful ministry in organizing the educational process, Nikolai Petrovich Panchenko, Kaniv school administrator, was presented with a special gift, the “Slavic Biblical Commentary.” His assistant and teacher, Anton Grigorievich Rosoha, was presented with Charles Ryrie’s book “Basic Theology”.P_20170611_114859


During the church meeting, the brothers from Kiev preached and said kind words of inspiration and instruction to the students for their future, practical ministry.

IMG_20170611_103000At the end of the church meeting, at a bountiful meal, joyful conversation continued, during which the graduates asked the administration of the institute all their questions. The brothers and sisters who graduated from the Bible school were invited to continue their studies in Kiev on the Diploma Program of the Church Ministries Institute.

It should be noted that the city of Kanev is famous for its huge museum dedicated to the life and work of the Ukrainian writer and poet Taras Shevchenko. It was this museum that the brothers from Kiev visited after fellowship at the church.

Dear friends and readers! We invite you to get involved in this wonderful process of knowing our Lord Jesus Christ together with the Church Ministries Institute! Perhaps, you also dream about a quality, spiritual education. With the CMI, your dreams can turn into reality.

IMG_20170611_121803May God Bless you


The Joy of the Harvester

IMG_8840For the students of the Lebedin Bible School at the Church Ministry Institute (CMI), the blessed time of study has ended. On May 14, 2017, 16 graduates were awarded certificates for the completion of the first level of the CMI program.



At the solemn service for this significant event were the director of the CMI Vladimir Nikolaev and the coordinator of the distance program of the CMI Alexander Khandus. Despite the overcast day and cold weather, they were met with great warmth and affection by the brothers and sisters of the church “Spiritual Revival”.

On Saturday, May 13, a discussion was organized in which church youth had the opportunity to get to know more closely the brothers from Kiev and learn about the CMI ministry in Ukraine in a more relaxed atmosphere.

IMG_8710Sunday was a celebration service. Instead of the usual liturgical meeting, the atmosphere in the hall was filled with triumph and anticipation of something unusual. And now the graduates, dressed in black robes and graduation caps with tassels, appeared. The eyes of many were riveted on them. The church took part in the celebration, as well as both the graduates of the school, and the administrative board of the CMI.

IMG_8745At the end of the service, the graduates were solemnly awarded certificates, and warm words of encouragement were spoken with the call to apply the knowledge they gained in the practice of church ministry and the desire not to stop in their desire to know the Lord, but to continue studying at the CMI in the Diploma Program.

IMG_8874With compliments of the CMI, each graduate received books, and the administrator of theLebedinschool, Bogdan Timchishin, was presented with a special gift – the Slavic Bible Commentary, on which 94 authorsworked.




In their turn, the graduates of the schoolpresented gifts to Vladimir and Alexander. They gave them paintings, which depict the local beauty, the river Olshanka, meadows, and forests.



На могиле КаргеляAfter the service, filled with delicious food and sweet Christian fellowship, the brothers Vladimir and Alexander took the opportunity to visit one of the most meaningful places for Christians – the grave of Ivan Veniaminovich Kargel.Kargel was a spiritual writer, exegete, theologian, elder of the St. Petersburg Church of Evangelical Christians, a prison missionary, and the author of “The Brief Statement of the Doctrine of Evangelical Christians,” compiled in 1913 and in 1966 became the official doctrine of the all-Ukrainian Baptist Union

According to the testimony of the brothers and sisters of the Lebedin Bible School, they had good and the most positive emotions from the educational process. Many of them expressed a desire to continue their education in the CMI’s diploma program.

Dear readers, friends! The opportunity to study is for everyone. Get to know the Lord and His Word together with the Church Ministry Institute.

For more information, please contact us:



МТС: 066-696-49-18

Киевстар: 097-398-24-38

Лайф: 063-139-40-90

Городской: 044-227-87-21



Stay on the Line of Scripture 2

IMG_6557A seminar workshop was organized by the Church Ministry Institute, Kiev Theological Seminary and the international mission “Leadership Resources”. It was second workshop of six that are scheduled over the next three years in the Kiev region.
Pastors of churches from different cities and villages in central Ukraine were able to attend this seminar to update their knowledge deeper into the study of the biblical text (2 Timothy) and to take a fresh look at already familiar texts.
“It is really a breath of fresh air for us to be at this seminar, and I planned a number of sermons based on book of 2 Timothy” – Pastor of Messianic Church, Viktor Mural-Sikorskiy.
IMG_6555Much of the workshop time was devoted to working on the text. The trainers encouraged all the pastors to stay keep on line with the Scripture, not deviating from it in any direction.
The pastors also got acquainted with the methods and principles of working with the Scriptural text and the practical application of concepts such as genre, structure, theology, and so on. The next seminar is going to be in November 2017, when we will work with book of Genesis.